Role of Nursing Professionals

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Nursing as a profession is the delivering of primary health care to individuals, families, and communities with compassion and respect for the patients. As one of the most important elements of the health care professions, it is critical to understand the various facets of the role of nursing professionals. While nursing students and currently-working nursing professionals might have differing opinions on the roles nursing professionals play within the health care profession and the society as a whole, there are a few elements that are easily identified by all professionals as integral to this position like good record keeping that help to identify risk and early detection of complications. The roles of nursing professionals are as…show more content…
Part of the profession for generations, working as an advocate entails speaking out on behalf of patients, conveying their concerns to other medical professionals, and working to ensure the best decisions are made overall for the patient. Working as an advocate for patients can involve a variety of different actions, including educating the patient on important health care issues, speaking with others within the health care profession on behalf of the patient, and using their own discretion to question whether or not the patient is given the best possible treatment options at any one given time. In order to fully implement this role, the nursing professional is required to maintain awareness of the entire patient experience as well as common approaches to addressing health care problems as they emerge (Hanks, 2010). Too often, patients are afraid to question the orders given by their doctors; some patients are more comfortable expressing concerns to nursing professionals, who then have a moral duty to advocate for patient concerns when appropriate. For some nursing professionals, this can be difficult, as it often involves standing up against individuals that might not be receptive to change. However, the bond between patient and nursing professional is often stronger than the bond that a patient has with his or her physician, particularly within the hospital setting. To this end, nursing professionals find it within their purview to maintain awareness of
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