Role of Panchayati Raj Institutions in the Assessment and Identification of Disability

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ROLE OF PANCHAYATI RAJ INSTITUTIONS IN THE IDENTIFICATION AND ASSESSMENT OF THE SPECIAL NEED CHILDREN. Dr. Seema Singh*, Mrs. Paromita chaubey The 73rd amendment to the Indian constitution (1992) is a landmark in the evolution of Panchayats in India which carved out the third tier of the Indian Political System. Earlier we had only two Tiers - the union and the State governments. Now we have the third tier – the panchayats at the village block and district levels. Panchayats have been the backbone o f Indian Villages. From ages they had mainly performed the role of imparting justice. The panchayats as they exist today have been made by law and the Panchayati Raj System is an…show more content…
In addition to this PRIS also ensure that all the Special need Children and their parents are aware of the various benefits and their legal rights. They try and develop good linkages between the various agencies/Departments such as the health department /Hospitals/education department/DIETs/Voluntary organizations working in the field of disability and also check that the posts of the various specialized personnel who are required for the comprehensive care of the disabled such as clinical psychologist, special educators and rehabilitation specialists are filled up immediately. ACTIVITIES OF THE PANCHAYATI RAJ INSTITUTIONS AT THE VILLAGE LEVEL:- PREVENTION OF DISABILITY:- Disability or inability means lack of ability. The functional ability of the person decreases as a result of impairment. For any individual, disability is a situation in which the person finds himself unable or feels an obstruction to complete the work expected of him on the basis of his age, sex or social or cultural background. In other words, disability is resultant obstruction or interruption of impairment in performing a work considered to be within the normal limit of any individual. Disability creates problems in moving, seeing, writing, weight lifting and/or taking interest in routine work. Disability can broadly be
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