Role of Personal Selling in B2B Marketing

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INTRODUCTION 3 Industrial Selling Environment 3 Exogenous Variables: 3 Endogenous variables: 3 FOUNDATIONS OF PERSONAL SELLING: AN ORGANIZATION CUSTOMER FOCUS: 5 Promotion and role of personal selling: 7 Personal selling: the conceptual framework: 9 Stages of the selling process 9 Personal selling and Competition: 12 Scene 1: NEW FIRM, NEW PRODUCT LINE/MIX 13 Scene 2: NEW UNKNOWN FIRM AND OLD, ESTABLISHED PRODUCT CONCEPT 14 Scene 3: OLD FIRM, NEW PRODUCT-SERVICE 14 Scene 4: OLD FIRM, OLD PRODUCT/SERVICE 14 SALES PLANNING: 14 Sales force organization 15 Variable one: assignment of sales personal: 15 Variable two: Type of selling and relevant sales person profiles: 17 Variable three: time and territory management 17 Variable four: sales…show more content…
• Relationship building also influences decision making over a long period of business contracts • Other promotional tools like sales promotion play an important part. • Price negotiations are relatively more important as well as credit terms. FOUNDATIONS OF PERSONAL SELLING: AN ORGANIZATION CUSTOMER FOCUS: Business marketing strategy is executed through personal selling. Once the marketer defines target market segments based on organizational characteristics (macro level) or the characteristics of decision making units (micro level), the sales force is deployed to meet the needs of these segments. The salesperson augments the total product offering and serves as a representative for both buyer and seller. The image, reputation, and the seller’s ability to satisfy needs are conveyed, to an important degree, by the sales force. By helping procurement decision makers to define requirements and match the firm’s product and service to them, the sales person is offering not just a physical product but also ideas, recommendations, technical assistance, experience, confidence, and friendship. A large toy manufacturer, for example, evaluates suppliers based in product quality, delivery reliability, price, and the value of ideas and suggestion salespeople provide. This buying organization, in fact, openly solicits ideas and evaluates
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