Role of Political Clubs on Frnech Revolution

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History, Piotrek Szumowski

Assess the role of the political clubs for the course of the French Revolution

The revolution begun in 1789 with the meeting of the states general. Soon later the Bastille was stormed (till this day French celebrate it as their national holiday), the king was executed and a new constitution was written up. By 1799, end of the revolution, a new time had come not just for the French government, but for all. The revolution was to have an astonishing impact on world affairs, and its effect can be directly seen today. What french political clubs existed at the time and what part did they play during the course of that revolution? One by one I will try to answer this question by looking at how each political party
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However The most prominent figure of this club has to be Maximillien Robespierre- the leader and founder of the club, and the man responsible behind the reign of terror. As soon as the Jacobins dominated the political scene with the backing of the Paris Mob and commune the so called reign of terror begun (more bellow). The fall of Robespierre meant the fall of the Jacobins, but their spirit lived on in revolutionary doctrine.


Girondins or otherwise called Gerondists were a slightly less radical political club. Even though they encouraged the revolution they tried to carry it out at a calmer and slower rate. They were against the execution of the king, however they did not manage to persuade other clubs to their ideas. During the revolutionary assembly they engaged into personal rivalry against the Jacobins and Cordeliers, which eventually led to their downfall. Their main achievement was persuading the others to declare war on Austria. Unfortunately with Dumouriez's treason, who deflected to the Austrians, they're position considerably fell. Important figures include

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