Role of Private Bankers and Wealth Managers

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Jpz777 02/19/2013 Order # A2086484 With the global economy still struggling to fully recover from the devastating effects of a sustained recession, the role of private bankers and wealth managers has taken on a renewed sense of significance, as these professional money managers may be able to help individuals and families rebuild their shattered finances. A competent and qualified wealth manager is capable of developing a prudent investment strategy which is customized to best suit an individual client, transforming simple liquid assets into the engines driving continual prosperity. In order to maximize a client's return on investment (ROI) ratios, it is important for wealth managers to perform due diligence by poring through banking records, transaction histories, investment portfolios, and other factors of their financial health to determine the optimal money management and investment strategy for their particular needs. This process is integral to the overall philosophy of Asset-Liability Management (ALM), a term which "denotes the adaptation of the portfolio management process to handle the presence of various constraints relating to the liabilities of an investor" (Amenc, Martellini, Milhau & Ziemann, 2009), because recognizing a client's limitations is essential to helping them realize their potential. The most effective and efficient wealth managers are those who actively work with clients, fostering a personal understanding which strengthens the professional
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