Role of Project Management Information Systems in Project Management.

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ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT. INTRODUCTION 1. Background of Management Information Systems The concept of Management information system (MIS) has been in existence as early as the 19th Century. Works of majorly were in the form of tabulated cards which could be counted and sorted commonly referred to us punch – cards. The punch-cards still remembered by many, could capture elements of information keyed in on punch-card machines; the cards were then processed by other machines some of which could print out results of tallies. Each card was the equivalent of what today would be called a database record, with different areas on the card treated as fields. The initial idea of MIS was to…show more content…
It’s used to support all aspects of project management cycle, from initiating to closing and can include both manual and automated systems. ii. Project management software which involves wide alterations, configurations’, or customization before it’s applied. ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Collaboration software: centralized stores of intergraded information with rules for access that serve the project team. Or a tool used in project management to deliver information. ROLE OF PMIS a) Guiding collaboration with policies and work flow diagrams. PMIS is a control tool and therefore owners can prime it with policy or regulatory requirement that govern workflow and institutionalize best practices specifically designed for their organization. Policies: If team members were to collaborate they need to know the rules of engagement i.e. how to work together. They must understand policies that govern interaction workflow and decision making. Passing of information from one person to another, organization to organization properly honed, clearly documented but flexible procedures improve efficient and effectiveness of a team. Individuals are more productive when they have a clear idea of what to do. Therefore, when these policy and procedure manuals are electronic. They can use all
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