Role of Religion in Europe

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The role of religion in Europe
During the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, religion played a major role in the efforts of the Europeans to explore and colonize the new world. The Reconquista became over a period of time a sacred mission to many of the Christian rulers and inhabitants of the peninsula. As soon as this period was finished, Spain started focusing on colonization and expansion. Some of the major events that happened during this period were the Portuguese attacks on the Moslem positions in the northern tip of Africa and the search for Christian allies against Islam. There were many factors that motivated the search for the new world. Some of these factors were religious persecution, cheaper route to the
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People thought that in his land lie the fountain of youth and other mythical things. Another big role religion played in this period of time was religious persecution. This was a period of extreme religious persecution, primarily forced conversion, and the destruction of cultural materials. Islam moved to the northern part of Africa and pushed the African tribes to turn Islamic. If they didn 't, they would have received death threats. Though, most of the time they werent carried out, the threat of being killed compelled most tribes to follow them. Religious persecution led to the exaultion of many tribes. In northern Europe, people were sailing across the Atlantic to escape this persecution. They didn 't want to convert to the new beliefs so they sailed to the Americas. These people called themselves Pilgrims. The were looking for a home where they could freely practice their style of religion. The known reason for the separation of the Church of England was that they felt that the church had not completed the task begun by the Reformation.
Another role that was introduced by religious hate towards Moslems was the trade route to the West Indies. The Portuguese rulers were started to look for a way to avoid paying their religious enemies a "middle man" fee. They wanted a way to eliminate the Moslem input. The heard stories of a trade route beyond the southern tip of Africa. Vasco de Gama was the first Portuguese navigator that reached the Indies. He was in the
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