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Sales manager is an important position in a company. He does not only focus in sales alone, yet he needs to set sales objectives, forecasting, budgeting, organizing and salesforce's recruitment. In order salesforce to achieve it objective, sales manager needs to create a positive environment for his salesforce. According to Barker (2001), salesperson's behavior is influenced by three groups of antecedents - activities of sales manager, characteristics of salesperson and an appropriate sales organization's design. One of the important functions of sales manager is motivating salesforce towards their job performance, productivity, job satisfaction and employees extension.

Motivation is complex because it varies among people. People are
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Salesforce will dissatisfy if factors in the hygiene list is not met. On the other hand, a salesperson will be motivated if he is satisfied through the motivator elements shown below (figure 2.0).

Motivating Factors
Motivators (Satisfiers)
The job itself
Potential for personal growth
Sense of belonging
Ability to influence events
Hygiene Factors
Maintenance Items (Dissatisfiers)
Working conditions
Job security
Relationship with co-workers
Quality of supervision
Status (job title)
Job location
Fringe benefits
Type of business
Figure 2.0

Manager needs to enhance the motivator and minimize the hygiene factors. Normally we are unable to influence over the hygiene factor. For instance, type of business. There is no way that this factor can be change unless the company change it form of business. However, motivator factor such as achievement can be maximizing to curb the problem. If it fulfills the salesforce's need, then he will remain in the company. Money is the only element that is in both categories. Money can be a great motivator yet it can also be demotivator. If a salesperson perceived his salary is low compare to the market, he will feel depress and thus his performance will decrease. However, if the salary can be adjusted, this will solve the problem.

Every element is important for a person to be motivated. Relationship among co-workers is crucial in creating a good

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