Role of Social Media in Business

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Social Media plays a vital role in all aspects of businesses nowadays. It has helped in turning communications into interactive dialogues among organizations, communities and individuals which has led to a much proper propagation of information. It may include web based or mobile based technologies and the existence in multiple forms has made it all the more tempting and has become a necessity today in the business world.
Social media is one of the greatest business gifts of our generation and the reasons why we should take into account social media in business include:
• The brands can be easily advertised to huge audience through social media such as facebook, twitter etc. and these can also be used to discover what the consumers are
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With millions of people using these sites and other social media tools, companies of all sizes and natures are entering into this field with the motive of profit. Various businesses are employing these social media sites to not only promote and market their products but also to build customer relations. Social media websites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. are creating new avenues for business.
Ethics-With growing number of users of social media there are social networkers who get involved in unethical practices. The social networking sites are used by individuals for both personal as well as professional purposes and thus issues regarding the nature and the amount of information shared are always there. While some social networkers strictly control information about themselves, others allow full access to anyone on the internet. This leads to data prone to leakage. Also social networking sites allow unknown people to connect to each other which may lead to hacking and at the same time may result in development of healthy relationships. So it becomes very difficult to balance these harms and benefits. There are many such unavoidable ethical questions about social media.
Users of Facebook and MySpace are realizing that prospective employers are perusing their sites, despite the fact that they may have mental image (which is not the actual case) of their online presence as personal space. But laws are there to protect
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