Role of Student in Development of Our Nation

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Role of Student in Development of Our Nation

Our national development agenda has its focus on rural development. Most of India dwells in rural areas and therefore the national development agenda rightly seeks justice for those who often live in poverty, in the state of hunger and malnutrition and deprived of clean environment, sanitation and medical facilities. Rural scenarios are generally represented by agriculture, which involves all the land-related activities, such as cropping, forestry, agroforestry, plant protection, horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry, rural-based agro-industries, and the likes.

The state agricultural universities, the Indian Agricultural Research (ICAR) institutes and the rural development institutions
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Rural development processes must have primacy of youth involvement. This should begin with special orientation inherent in our course curricula. Most of the subjects taught to the students at agricultural universities are not only relevant to rural areas and farming communities but also emanate from a vision of rural development evolved together by our by a galaxy of educationists, planners and statesmen. The courses are natural allies of the rural development processes. But the pedagogic mechanism is unable to stimulate amongst the students any strong emotional affinity towards Indian culture, heritage and rural elements of national development paradigm. Students, unfortunately, keep on thinking about acquiring physical amenities and fat salaries through services in urban and industrial environments and/ or in western or European countries.

Our public system should make sincere efforts for creating employment opportunities in rural areas. There is large number of agro-based industries which should especially be established in rural areas. These industries might range from cottage industries to the ones manufacturing finishing products of high value and low volume, such as perfumery, vegetable seed production, dairy product processing, etc. University graduates and trained post graduates if employed in these
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