Role of Supply Chain in the Operational Efficiency of a Firm

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How improvement in the performance of the Supply Chain could impact a Firm's Sustainability INTRODUCTION The Supply Chain plays an important role in the operational efficiency of a firm. With a good performance of its supply chain, a firm can ensure the smooth running of its operations and steady growth in its business size (Bamford & Forrester 2010). Supply chain members can help the firm in increasing the customer satisfaction for its products by supplying the best quality raw material and rendering efficient and improved services over time (Boyer & Verma 2009). Good performance of a firm's supply chain leads to long term competitiveness and a sustainable future of the firm in its industry (Hill 2005). The purpose of this research paper is to discuss how the improvements in the performance of supply chain can impact a firm's sustainability. To discuss this topic, the performance of all the key supply chain members has been taken into account which greatly affect the firm's operational and financial performance and the level of acceptability among its customers. THE PERFORMANCE OF SUPPLY CHAIN AND A FIRM'S SUSTAINABILITY Supply Chain Members: Practically, an organization cannot perform all the operational activities associated with the production, selling, and marketing of its products or services; there is a complete supply chain which renders its services for the cost-effective and timely production and delivery of products to the ultimate customers (Jespersen &
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