Role of Technology and the Information Age in Contemporary Leadership Communication

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I fully agree with this statement. In this paper, I evaluate the truth in this statement (with proof) by first describing the characteristics of my generation in regard to leadership and communication. I do this by using specific examples and reasons. Also evaluated is whether technology and the Information Age play a role in how leaders today communicate. The paper also investigates if there are basic communication skills that are needed and used in all generations of leadership.
How age affects communication
A review of literature indicates that normal communication changes in older adults (Busacco,1999).This fact coupled with the fact that younger adults and children (Verhoef & de Boer, 2012) have a faster learning rates means that the way a leader communicates is dependent upon his or her age/generation. The age difference within the organization may cause a great deal of misunderstanding. This is the case because teenagers have their own forms of expressions (which they invent-slang) and terms of references. Some of the terminologies that are used by teenagers may be totally unknown to the elder population. This is the case if an organizational leader is an elder adult. Their terms of reference may be totally different. Their management styles to may be different. It is very important for anyone who wishes to communicate to a given group of…
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