Role of War in Society

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Role of War in Society Stephanie Young Both The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli and Utopia by Thomas Moore examine the role and the importance of war to maintain a strong and successful society. More (via Hythloday) believes that war should be the last option and is not needed in a safe and happy government without the help of auxiliaries and mercenaries while on the other hand, Machiavelli believes that war plays a crucial war in a prosperous and thriving society using other troops and people to avoid war. Machiavelle uses his belief that war is the way to have a strong successful government to shape the society of Italy while More uses the belief of peace and forbearance of war to shape his utopian society. More and…show more content…
They need to always be prepared and be in a good state to go to war at any time. “As for exercising the mind, a prince should read history and reflect on the actions of great men.” Princes should examine the tactics that the past rulers used and put them into action. He should learn from them and learn from both their successes and loses and put them as an example for himself. More in his utopian society would rather use cunning to win rather than brute force because he considered strength to be trait belonging to animals. Unlike Machiavelle, when war is made, the utopians would try to use any technique just to stop war. First one is propaganda in which they would secretly post posters in the enemy territory offering big rewards to people that would assassinate the enemy leaders. The second technique they would use is to promise the throne to the enemy’s rulers brother if he helps the utopians. They would never let things debase to the point where a massacre would occur and would prevent it by not destroying too much of the enemy’s land. "nothing more inglorious than that glory that is gained by war “ (More 64). This shows how much the utopians are against war and how much they want to avoid it because they believe that it can ruin their utopian society. Machievelle also
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