Role of Woman During the Revolutionary War

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Role of Woman During the Revolutionary War Have you noticed that in most history text books that the role of woman was never truly expressed in detail? Of corse we have heard of Gorge Washington, John Adams, male solders of the Revolutionary war, high ranking officers and the generals; what about the wives? What were the woman’s roles during these times? We should know that all woman were inferior to men, they had responsibilities and rights based on there social status. Most woman stayed home to take care of the children and their home duties, wile there husbands were away at war. Becoming a solder was out of the question, but of corse some woman went with their husbands, brothers or fathers. Disguised as men these…show more content…
She was shown a sketch of the flag that was wanted that had a six pointed star. But she showed them how to cut a five pointed star in one cut, impressed with that she was appointed to make the flag. She finished the flag around May 1776. On June 14, 1777 Congress adopted the flag. Woman during the Revolution were cooks and maids for both British and American armies. They had almost no restricted access to the camps of the soldiers. The woman were never suspected of providing troop movements, changes in leadership, and shortages. They would often tell colony leaders or go to General Washington directly and proved this information. Nancy Morgan Hart was a very effective agent. She gathers information about the British army in Augusta, Georgia. She also helped defend a fort from assault by a group of Tories (an american colonist who supported the british during the Revolutionary war) and Native Americans. African-American woman also played a big part during the Revolutionary War. Although no actual documents exist telling us this, but diaries and stories help us place them there. They helped support the militia (a military force that was used in emergency). They also moved in with the wives of the men that were in battle, and supported them when they needed it. Spying was also a huge part by the African-American woman. They kept the Colonial authorities informed about that the British armies next moves. During the battles the
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