Role of Women in Jewish Religion

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We have been taught about several religions throughout this course, but one religion that has really caught me, is Judaism. There are many interesting facts about the Jewish community, religion, and such. However, I’m going to just talk about Jewish women and the roles they play in the Jewish community. In traditional Judaism, women are for the most part seen as separate but equal. Women 's obligations and responsibilities are different from men 's, but no less important. As a matter of fact, women’s responsibilities, in some ways, are considered more important.
Akeret Habayit is the Hebrew word given to the wife and mother in a Jewish household. Akeret Habayit literally means the “mainstay” of the home. It is the mother and wife who
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The Nazis didn’t have sympathy for no one. They killed men and women (elder or not), pregnant women, kids, and even babies. However, Jewish women were mainly targeted more than any other category in the Holocaust. For the most part, they were often more than fifty percent of the population that were killed by the Nazis. Women in the Holocaust suffered the most being that they were raped, pregnant, had childbirths, forced to abortions, and often separated from their children. “Jewish women’s lives were endangered as Jewish women, as mothers, and as caretakers of children.” You can say that gender did play a vast role during the Holocaust.
Concluding with the questions that Dr. Richardson, I would like to say that I learned a lot of new material while doing this research paper. I was familiar with the Jewish religion and the historical event of the Holocaust, but not so much about the role that women played within in. When I first started to do this research paper, I thought that Jewish women were going to be treated and seen way lower then what the male was seen as. I guess you can say I was stereotyping women because of how they are “normally” seen in every other religion or even everyday life. However, the fact that Jewish women were seen as the leaders per say of the household, really surprised me. Also, how they were the ones who taught the young children, kind of surprised me too. The fact that Jewish women had a vital part in
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