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Role of Women in Society until 1500’s Roxanne Schmidt History 103 World Civilizations I Bremen Hentzel March 5, 2012 Role of Women in Society until the 1500’s A woman in today’s society is somewhat equal to a man’s, or any other person for that matter. Things back before the 1500’s were very strict for women, women basically had no rights. Women had no right to vote, no freedom of speech, women did not work back in the 1500’s they were stay at home mom’s, and took care of their households, and wifely duties. In the ancient times women had their places, and what their roles were supposed to be. It was very important for a woman to know what her role in life is, and how to handle herself. In many countries, the women had very…show more content…
The wealthy women did some of the work themselves, although they also supervised the slaves in the tasks. Athenian women seldom left their homes. Every society had a different way of viewing the world; to view one age, through the eyes of another can often lead to misunderstanding. Ancient and modern societies are different in lots of ways but there are four roles that have had impact on the societies. Jobs- The majority of people in the ancient world made their way of living through agriculture. Farming requires ownership, and access to the land, agriculture back then was a necessity for a family business. Jobs for women were limited to work as household servants. Marriage- Marriage was considered the normal state in the ancient world, though Athenian men put it off until age thirty, most everyone else married soon after puberty. A woman that was single might find a job in a temple, or as a household servant. Family- Access to land for farming purposes the dominant occupation was only allowed through the family. Individual and society- Certain cultures enforce the traditions on all the members of their culture. (Women in the Ancient World, 2012) Women in Ancient Israel- In ancient Israel the man was the head of the household and women were considered helpmate, and considered to help out their husband to benefit each other, they wanted to

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