Role of Women in WWI

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Women played an important role in influencing the propaganda of World War I. Literature, music, cinema, posters and postcards were used in order to promote the war and justify its cause by Britain and its allies.

World War I had a massive impact in Europe and North America and all over the world. It had an influence on all the spheres of individuals, especially in Europe and North America. The word propaganda is defined as the "doctrines, ideas, arguments, facts, or allegations spread by deliberate effort through any medium of communication in order to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause" (Dombrowski, 1999, 59). In simple terms, it is defined as the strategy and course of action taken to influence a cause and promote it within the entire community. It is also considered to be the publicity of ideas in order to convince the public. In order to promote a propaganda, it is essential that strong media is utilized to transmit it to a large audience in order to accomplish its objective(Gavin, 2007, 46).
During the World War I, effective propaganda and publicity was used by Britain and its allies to create patriotism, recruit new soldiers, and raise funds and to justify for going on war against the enemy. Women played an…
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