Role of Young Minds in Shaping India’s Path Towards Becoming a Superpower

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Role of Young Minds in shaping India’s path towards becoming a Superpower

Name : Dhruv Tripathi
College Name : University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
Course : B.A.LL.B. 3rd Semester
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Young generation now has a lot of responsibility in making India a Super Power. We have done well in certain aspects; however, we need to go a very long way still. The growth in GDP, growth in Exports, employment opportunities, increase in literacy, reduction in poverty etc. itself cannot make India a Super Power. Many would agree that India is rich, but, Indians are poor. We need to manage the growth properly and we need to ensure that all Indians prosper and Human Rights are
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However, now, these software engineers employed in good companies and taking good remuneration finding it difficult to get their children educated. If this is the situation for the educated and employed, then, what about people living below poverty line? Still, in this country, substantial number of people lives Below Poverty Line. I strongly believe that we can not get away with this Education and Health Care through Schemes and Privatization. State Governments have a big role to play in imparting education and in providing Health Care. Our Governments have lot of money in their hands now with industrial and overall growth, but, they spend all the money towards achieving their political agenda. If this country can not provide education to the people Below Poverty Line at free of cost, then, we may have to pay a very heavy price for that and we will also see internal revolution. It is such a sensitive issue now and we can not ignore this.
Farmers do face lot of difficulties with the middlemen. The problems of our farmers to be understood and State Governments should give utmost priority as to how to protect our Agriculture. We can not ignore our Agriculture which provides livelihood to majority of Indians even now either directly or indirectly. Our State Government Agri Departments should function efficiently addressing the problems of the farmers from time to time. We need to maintain a modest Agri growth while focusing on the
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