Role of a Community Nurse in Clinical Audit

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What is the role of a community nurse in CLINICAL AUDIT? The primary goal of the clinical audit is to improve the quality of patient care. Therefore the role of the community nurse in the clinical audit is to work toward this end goal. Specific duties that define the community nurse's role in the clinical audit will vary depending on environmental variables. According to Collis (2006), the role of the community nurse in the clinical audit is as change agent. To be a change agent, the nurse engages every possible tool and strategy used in the audit process. The community nurse is also in a position of leadership, and is someone who "who empowers, encourages and enables staff to undertake audit by providing the necessary support and resources," (Collis, 2006). Innovation is also part of the community nurse's role in the clinical audit, which requires deft creative thinking skills (Collis, 2006). Moreover, a community nurse can serve to verify data via the use of health informatics and thereby also ensure the timeliness of the audit reporting (Edwards, Pickard & Van Burkel 1991). The community nurse also has the opportunity to solicit as much patient involvement and support as possible, as patient support is critical to the success of the audit (Collis, 2006). How can a community nurse contribute to LOCAL AUDIT. A community nurse contributes to the local audit by engaging and empowering members of the community. The nurse provides direct support to personnel, also
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