Role of a Directress in a Child's Normalization

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“Normalization is the single most important result of our work“(Absorbent Mind-pg:204 ,chapter 19) According to Dr: Maria Montessori normalization (the child’s true nature) is one of her main discoveries. Normalization is a word taken from anthropology meaning “becoming a contributing member of the society”. The young children with short attention span learning to focus and concentrate their work for a given period of time is the process of normalization. It happens at the first stage of development (0-6) and occurs when the child is developing normally. Maria Montessori saw a normalized child as a new level of humanity. Her message was to see that there is much more to childhood than is currently recognized. When Montessori…show more content…
According to Montessori, a teacher’s primary function is not so much to teach as to direct a natural energy in the children, hence she named them as ‘directress’.(Maria Montessori: Her life and work ,pg 297-chapter XV111). A directress is the custodian or a keeper of the environment, she have to be very careful in preparing the environment for her child, with perfect balance between interesting activities and not over doing it because if something goes in wrong way it will be the reason for the child’s distraction or deviation . A directress have to prepare herself to spirituality, she have to put on humility and purify her heart and prepare to serve the child. A directress lead the child to be independent and improve himself individually .This helps the child to interact with his companions in joy and harmony .In an ordinary school the children have less exposure to the social life where as in a Montessori environment the child is frequently exposed to social interactions. One of the great ways in helping the child for his social life is the ‘vertical integration’ in a prepared environment .The mixed age group in a class helps them in socializing, younger child interacts with the elder one and learn things which sometimes an adult cannot teach them. The elder child also get a chance to teach the younger one, what he have learned and this also helps him in making his knowledge more accurate. This brings
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