Role of a Project Manager

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Project management The role of a project manager is the most challenging roles within the project team. As the project goes on and takes advances in its various stages a project manager should ensure that they are able to adopt according to the demands of the project that are ever changing. Clearly this particular project in the organization has been marred with many challenges. These challenges need a good project manager who ill ensures that the project gets completed successfully. The current situation in the organization is wanting and therefore it has to be dealt with immediately and effectively. This paper will look at how the current situation within the company can be dealt with (Holland & Holland Enterprises Ltd, 2013). Reacting to the situation This situation in the ongoing project is very critical and a practical threat to the lifeline of the project. For the project to be completed as a project manager I would ensure that I deal with the situation within the shortest time possible. I will ensure that there is effective communication within the team as a matter of priority. Effective communication among the team members is a central element for the completion of the project successfully. I will also ensure that my focus is on the progress of the project as opposed to just completing activities since this does not ensure the meeting of the goals of the project. As a project manager the resignation of the nine key people who are working on the project within a
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