Role of education in personality development

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The question what is education or if i may be more precise what is the purpose of education . Some think that education is the purpose for which one acquires some skill in a particular field and gets to wear that black hat and get a photo with the vice chancellor or the chairman of the institution. That is what has become the purpose of education . But if someone is a degree holder but does not know the basic attiquettes or don 't care about anything that is the time to think for us all that is that guy an educated person or are we kidding ourselves in involving ourselves in such pitiful acts that we don 't know what is the purpose of education. So don 't you think that we should redefine education and add that education is the process in …show more content…
Deeper psychological research affirms, as in the system of Yoga, that this combination of forces can be disturbed, it can be modified, it can be totally changed. Personalities can be multiplied within the same individual; the conflicting personalities in the individual can be harmonised; one can become capable of putting forth the needed personality according to the circumstances or the demands of the work or situation, even while the other personalities would remain behind, contributing to the efficacy of the personality put in the front. One can even go beyond all personality and know the real person that assumes so many personalities.
6. One can make a distinction between the real Person and the instruments of the person, viz. the body, life and mind. And between the person and the instruments there is what one might call the force of the person that expresses itself and gives a special turn, a special power of configuration, a certain stamp to the instruments. It is this special stamp or power of configuration that gives rise to the specific formation of a pattern of qualities and drives to our body, life and mind. It is that which we should call properly ‘personality’. In the language of the
Samkhya psychology, we might say that body, life and mind are the expressions of Prakriti marked by the three gunas: sattva, rajas and tamas. The normal human being is simply an instrument of
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