Role of the Girl Scouts in the Community

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For a Girl Scout no problem is too big to tackle. During my time at San Diego-Imperial Girl Scouts I have experience a range of community outreach programs. These efforts can be broken down into communication, assessment, advocacy work and crisis intervention. These activities do a great deal of good for the community and help to keep the troop contemporary and responsive to the girls' needs and interest, some Girl Scout activities may focus on subjects that could be considered sensitive or controversial. In general, highly personal topics are child abuse, sexual health and teenage pregnancy. Girl Scout's role in responding to these needs is educational and preventative. In short, by addressing issues in our community Girl Scouts can both strengthen their communities and themselves. One vivid example of how the troop contributes to the community is its work with Case de Amparo, volunteering with abused children. This facility is a wonderful place for at-risk children and families to get the support they need to become contributing members of our communities. The facility consists of children's services building and three 5,000-square-foot "cottages," or residential structures that will house 10 to 12 kids and counselors. The goal of the center is to provide a soothing, homelike environment. The complex serves as temporary housing for children who have been removed from homes and are awaiting placement with foster families, she said. Their stays at the center are likely to
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