Role of the Internet and Crime

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Role of the internet and crime The Role of the Internet and Crime

The Role of the Internet and Crime
Michelle Herrick
Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism
Strayer University Professor Masudur Chowdhury
Prepared- 02/16/2013 `

The Role of the Internet and Crime
Explain how the Internet has aided criminal activity.
The internet has aided to criminal activity by providing an increased amount of anonymity for the criminal. They are able to commit crimes from long distances even from other countries. Most people feel protected because they are not physically near the person they are committing the crime against. Computer related crimes have become prevalent in recent years as many aspects of human life are consumed by
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Because of inexpensive camera equipment and web cams on personal computers it has made pedophilia so much more accessible.
Another crime that was traditionally non-digital was stalking. This is when a stranger follows an unsuspecting victim, normally a woman. They study their routines and habits on a regular basis. Most stalkers used binoculars, telescopes, video cameras, and hidden microphones and public records. Most stalking crime does not end in violence but the psychological trauma done to the victim is great. Victims tend to become paranoid, untrusting of others, and having the never ending feeling of someone always watching you. Now this crime has gone digital and is considered Cyber-stalking because people use the internet to make threats thru e-mail, chat rooms, bulletin boards and even on some websites. They can keep track of the person they are following by searching social networks, Google, and public records on-line. Again this behavior rarely ends in violence. The goal of the stalker ultimately is to have a relationship with the victim whether it is a positive one or not.
Describe the role viruses, other malicious code, and phishing attacks play in aiding this criminal activity.
Viruses operate in four primary environments, these include file, boot, macro, and network viruses. They use a particular
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