Role of the Major Public Health Personnel in the Franklin County Disaster

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Disaster in Franklin Country Role of the Major Public Health Personnel In the Franklin Country disaster, major public health personnel, including the public health nurse clearly understood their role. Their immediate response was to focus on urgent life and safety issues. The public health department established an Incident Command System (ICS) that was designed to help organize it to respond to emergencies. The ICS provided a common language as well as the standardization necessary for communicating and cooperating with other agencies and the EOC. The public health group contributed at the EOC briefings updating on the public health concerns. The public health group conducted shelter inspection providing various support functions to ensure a safe and healthy environment. They had to inspect the kitchen to ensure that the food offered was to the require standards. They also inspected the restrooms to ascertain that the sanitation was up to the required standards and if there was, need for additional facilities such as port-a- potties. Furthermore, they examined the living condition at the rescue shelter to ensure that it was a safe and out of any danger of disease outbreaks. The public health group was instrumental in dissemination of information to the public through the Public Information Officer (PIO). The PIO collected specifics from various public health staff assembled and approved the final messages making sure they were consistent and synchronized with other

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