Role of the Quantity Surveyor

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The Role of the Quantity Surveying Profession

The origins of the Quantity Surveyor (QS) profession can dated back during the 19th century where from the earlier "measurer", a specialist tradesman, who readied schedules for a building project in which all of the construction materials and labour activities and were quantified. Based on this information, competing builders could submit priced tenders. Because all tenders were based on the same schedule of information, they could be easily compared to one another, making it a much simpler way of being able to chose the best bid as it narrowed the variables down (Powell, 1996). While the QS profession owes its origin to the “measurer” it was until the 1820s that as a profession the QS
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The contracts and conditions differ from the other two sectors previously mentioned too and it is these things that set this sector apart. This type of work for a QS is more method related than building works with greater use of mechanical plants and temporary works. When a QS pulls together Bill of Quantities there is usually few items of large quantities. Skills of a QS in this field in particular are that they must be conversant with the varying working rule agreements, day work rates and other documents for example the civil engineering procedure published by the institute of civil engineers. Since the 20century began the QS has had a role within the civil engineering contractors. Pre and post contract services are provided to civil engineer client by a QS also.
Heavy and Industrial Engineering
With this type of work a QS will be working on such projects that include steel plants, off shore oil and gas rigs, nuclear processing, production facilities and power plants to name a few. With the economic downturn affecting all sectors of business of late a huge emphasis on cost control has been placed upon these industries which is where the role of a QS is defined. In this industry sector it isn’t unusual to be referred to as a cost engineer as opposed to a QS. In this sector there is a great focus on computerised measurement and cost admin systems
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