Role of the School Counsellor

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Divya Srivastava

School counselling is a branch of applied psychology that deals with problems or behaviours that interfere with the academic progress or social acceptance of children in the school system. School counsellors assess cognitive functioning and identify mental retardation, giftedness, developmental delays, instructional difficulties, and learning disabilities. They recommend educational programs; assess behavioural and emotional problems, and support parents and teachers. They also deal with the full spectrum of social problems including family violence, peer interactions, substance abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and the influences of these problems on school functioning. School counsellors
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The history of school counselling around the world varies greatly based on how different countries and local communities have chosen to provide academic, career, college readiness, and personal skills and competencies to students from kindergarten to standard twelve and their families based on economic and social capital resources and public versus private educational settings in what is now called a school counselling program. In the United States of America, the profession of the school counsellor began as a vocational guidance movement at the beginning of the twentieth century (Schmidt, 2003). In India, school counsellors are still not prominent. Their roles in the school setting are still not properly recognized and understood by the other educators. School counselling is a recent development. The impetus for development of school-based counselling has a number of causes, according to Bor. He says that everyday life can be challenging and stressful for even the most resilient of children. Competitiveness, bullying,

social exclusion, homophobia, abuse, family crises, discrimination, sibling rivalry, scholastic underachievement, peer pressure and substance misuse are only a few problems that children bring to the school counsellor’s office. Schools are no different from homes in the sense that they are also considered a primary and essential context for supporting, nurturing and facilitating educational, moral and social development in
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