Role of the United Nations Essay

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In its forty years of existence, the UN has grown into several roles in the international community, hitherto left undone by the system of states. The UN must rely on soft power for those measures beyond its own capacity and thus is easily undermined. Nevertheless, the ideological underpinnings seem to be slowly strengthening the UN's reach as its standards for political, economical, environmental, and human right issues become more and more adopted throughout the world. The UN plays several unique roles in the international community; the most important are facilitator, advisor, and actor. If you look at the existence of the UN in terms of political IR theory, it is really significant that it is able to fulfill these roles as much…show more content…
Economic sanctions in particular have a much higher chance of achieving the desired result if they are multilateral instead of stemming from a few, individual countries. Therefore, the facilitation of discussion is one of the most important things that the UN alone is able to do. Even if no specific plan of action is decided upon, the potential for representation and dialogue is unique in our international system, and the efforts of the UN go a long way. The facilitator role is certainly a reflection of ideological beliefs, because the success of any UN body or resolution rests on the members acting on what needs to be done overall instead of their individual interests. In practice, this is frequently not accomplished, but still the UN continues to hold its members to its standards in whatever way possible. A very common criticism of the UN is that it disproportionately represents the top five global powers, the permanent members of the security council, because each state has the ability to veto any resolution that isn't advantageous to their state. This argument, however, leaves out two important points. First, even a biased resolution is going to be necessarily more representative than any kind of cooperation would have been if the UN did not exist. Second, the ideological attitude of promoting global responsibility is being slowly
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