Roles And Mission Of The Counselor

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Roles and Mission The counselor may play various roles, at several levels, i.e. the counselor may be an educator to the client, the counselor may be a type of mentor offering advice and guidance on specific issues, and also engage in other roles. The counselor may also act as an advocate for a client whose cultural background is significantly different than the environment he or she may currently be in, by ensuring that the client is treated with the same respect and given the same opportunities as others. The client’s social and cultural context is significant because it reveals to the counselor who the client is, where the client is from, the traditions and values of the client, among many other things. With this knowledge of the client, the counselor is able to obtain specialized interventions which will assist them with the issues they are encountering therefore their situations and themselves can improve. An advocate is an individual who acts as intermediary to foster change to unlimited access, enhance awareness to inequalities, and promote accountability on the individual, communal, and statewide level. Within the counseling field, most counselors, although they may not be aware, act as social justice advocates on the behalf of their clients when linking or representing the client in different settings. In the article titled, Relationship Between a Belief in a Just World and Social Justice Advocacy Attitudes of School Counselors, the authors suggests that “… school
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