Roles And Responsibilities Of A School

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2.1 Describe the roles and responsibilities of:
A) School governors- Is made up of a team of maximum 20. They are responsible of running the school. The team will consist of different people who have links with the school or the local community. There will be at least 1 parent and 1 staff governor, and also the head teacher. Additional governors will be a support staff governor and a local authority governor who is chosen by the local authority, and also a local community governor. Governors work together with the head teacher and the senior management team. They are rarely seen around the school during the working day. Their main roles are to set aims for the school, accept new policies for achieving aims and setting target for achieving the aims.
b) Senior management team- A group of experienced staff with management positions who work closely with the head teacher. For primary schools, this is usually the deputy head teacher, year group leaders and SENCO and also a foundation stage leader. In secondary schools this is also the year group leaders, SENCO and also subject leaders. The team meet regular or once a week and address issues and agree on a decision which will help run the school or help improve it. It is then discussed on how it will be informed to staff and teachers.
c) Other statutory roles e.g. SENCO- Aside from the head teacher and deputy head teacher, there are 2 other main roles, SENCO and foundation stage manager in primary schools. The SENCO has the
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