Roles And Responsibilities Of An Educational Leader

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Introduction The roles and responsibilities of an educational leader are ever changing. The challenges that the educational leader has to face are changing throughout the day, and the educational must be prepared to take on the challenges. The educational leader must be able to handle legal issues, deal the with the day to day situation that arise, makes sure to communicate with the stakeholders of the building and instill the values of the school into each of the students. the responsibilities of the educational leader are ever growing and continue to change and adopt to the new way of thinking. Educational leaders need to be able to adopt and bend to the new rules and regulations that are being passed from the local, state and national levels.
Organizational Values With the educational organization there are many values that are taught to the students by the educators of the school. Two of these values are Academic Success and Sportsmanship. These are two very important values that the school wants to teach the students of the school and instill into their students. These values are very important to the stakeholders of the educational organization. These values are at the forefront of the school and are the main basis of how the community views the school.
Sportsmanship must be shown by the coaches, athletes and parents. The school and county hold meetings with all the coaches prior to the start of the season in order to express the expectations of all the coaches…
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