Roles And Responsibilities Of An Emergency First Aider

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Q1 Describe the roles and responsibilities of an emergency first aider
First aider responsibility is to help someone who is injured and keep him safe until professional help arrived. What the first aider does?
1) Evaluate the situation quickly and calmly- such as if it’s safe to help or what has had happened
2) Protecting himself and injured- such as calling 999 if he can’t manage make area safe (e.g. spillage of flammable liquid and car in the fire close to spillage)
3) Prevent cross-infection by wearing PPE, don’t sneezing or coughing in the wound
4) Staying calm to gain trust of injured
5) Keep casualty calm and comfortable
6) Assess injured
7) Give first aid with focused on the life-threating condition first
8) Arrange for help by calling 999- if needed

Q2) Describe how to minimise the risk of infection to yourself and others when dealing with medical emergencies.
When giving first aid, it is important to protect myself (and the casualty) from infection as well as injury. Infection by blood-borne viruses, such as hepatitis B or C and HIV, may be transmitted by contact with hands through a cuts or grazes. What should I do: • wash the hands and wear latex-free disposable gloves
• cover cuts on the hands with waterproof dressings
• wear a plastic apron if large quantities of body fluids are expected
 • dispose of all waste safely
• I should not breathe, cough or sneeze over a wound

Q3) Explain why it is important for establishing consent to provide first aid.

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