Roles And Responsibilities Of An Organization

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In the rapidly evolving global marketplace we live in today, companies and organization have to deliver their goods and services at faster rate and at a higher quality of service than ever before. An organization also has to be able to quickly diversify its services in order to meet the changing needs of its clients and customers. To meet these needs always requires the adaptation of new skills and abilities to provide newer and improved goods and services. In essence, organizations need to develop according to the demands of its clientele and needs the capital, talent and human resources to do so. Again, the speed at which organizations need to evolve to meet its demands often leads to the procurement of resources outside the organization. “The speed with which firms need to respond to the market and the call for diverse products are forcing businesses to invest in forming strategic business alliances” (Doz & Hamel, 1998). Almost every business organization today has enlisted the aid of an outside entity to perform one or many of its daily business function. Functions such as payroll services, health and benefit administration, talent acquisition, and human resource management that were handled in-house, are now outsources to outside specialized agencies. Additionally, companies have even sought to move their business hubs overseas for financial advantages. The factors that determine the benefits of outsourcing on either a specific project or business function as a whole
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