Roles And Responsibilities Of Emergency Management

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The efforts of response and recovery have proven to be key in helping those affected by emergencies. This paper will examine some of the roles and responsibilities that are taken to first time responders and mangers. It is important for emergency management to make sure that the team around them are given the right tools and knowledge to help assist people in emergency situations. Next, the discussion of the role of the state government has in dealing with emergency management. When there are organizations that volunteer themselves in disaster response what roles do they possess? It is important to what the president’s role in declaring disaster response. What exactly is the process and system that is in play that he must go through? The National Response Framework and the National Incident Command System is very important in responding to emergencies so giving the overall meaning to what it is that they do will give a better understanding of their goal in response and recovery. Anytime you hear of a disaster or emergency you have to think about FEMA and their role along with the role that other government agencies have in disaster recovery. The National Disaster Recovery Framework has to be examined as well to address their part in helping in the recovery. Finally, the discussion of how the community can develop a long-term recovery plan will be addressed. Roles and responsibilities of emergency managers and first responders The emergency mangers have a lot of roles and
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