Roles And Responsibilities Of Facilities Operation Management

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Facilities Operation Management
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1(a) Roles & Responsibilities of the Facility Operation Manager - Facilities Operation Managers are responsible for the management of services and processes of Hospitality Industry. Their basic responsibility is to ensure that an organisation has the most suitable working environment for its employees and their activities. They have to ensure using best practices for optimum utilisation of the organisational resources and reduce operating costs while increasing productivity. Their wide & diverse responsibilities differ depending on the structure and size of the Hospitality Enterprise. Their role comprises understanding the maintenance and upkeep of the building, functioning of the space, maintaining the equipment, managing the hygiene, safety, security and also ensuring adherence to the Operational standards required for
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The General Manager,
Sub: Records essential for maintaining an efficient Facility Operations
Dear Sir,
The following records as mandated by the statutory requirements are being maintained by the Facility Operation Management department: Fire Safety Tests and Inspections; Elevator Log Book; Service Logs; Waste Notices; Annual Waste Audits, Manifests; Shredding Certificates The following records would also be required for ensuring efficient facility operation
Employee Time Cards; Employee Records (hours, leave, vacation, wage statements);
Workplace Accident/Incident Investigation Records; Health and Safety Records; Infection Control Records; Grievance Settlements.
These Records would help us to efficiently maintain our organisational standards and also ensure that our organisation adheres to the statutory and legal requirements.

Best Regards,
Facility Operation
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