Roles And Responsibilities Of Product Management

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Introduction Product management is one of important element in the operation management. Product management play an important organizational roles in the operation of a company. Product management can be defined as the organization structure within business that manage the development, marketing, and sales of a product or a set of product throughout the product life cycle. It encompasses the broad set of activities required for a product to get into the market and how to support it thereafter. Product management aim to control and handling all the process that related to the product such as development, sales, quality assurance, sales and so on. A company with good product management able to improve the product from all the process. A company able to enjoy the benefits from a good product management as good product management able to help the company to develop better product, enhance the marketing strategies, increase the quality and also the sales of product. It is important for a company to maintain a good product management as product management play the role in ensuring the success of the product of the…show more content…
Poor definition of roles and responsibility is a serious issue that happen among the employee in the product management regularly. When an employee was not clear with his or her own roles and responsibility, how can his or her part of job can be done effectively? There are many employee’s title in product management such as product manager, product marketing manager, quality assurance manager, sales manager and so on. The issues that related with poor definition of roles and responsibility happen regularly in the product management because the product management is a true cross-functional roles and most of the employee with different title did not understand fully about their own roles and responsibility in the
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