Roles And Responsibilities Of Selected Healthcare Team Members

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Health care is provided by a team of professionals whose main focus is the health and wellbeing of people (Berman, A.J, 2014). A health care team can be made up of Nurses, Paramedics, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Dentists, and Therapists, Social workers, Community health workers and support staff. This Assessment task will: - Briefly introduce the concept of inter-professional practice and why it is integral for quality health outcomes - Discuss the roles and responsibilities of selected healthcare team members - Discuss the importance of inter-professional communication and how it is used in the healthcare system. Inter-professional practise (IPP) utilises the health care team, pooling together skills to create the best possible care for the patient (Inter-professional Practice and Inter-professional Care, 2012). It is a collaborative practice which occurs when “healthcare providers work with not only people from within their own profession but also outside their profession and with patients and their families” (Interprofessional Practice and Interprofessional Care, 2012). The healthcare system is made up of professionals who perform inter-professional practise. Health care professionals have qualities like confidence, ethics and good values. They are also highly trained and knowledgeable in their field of expertize. They have respect for their colleges and leaders and are passionate about their career. The use of inter-professional practise is integral for
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