Roles And Responsibilities Of The Nursing Profession

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Nursing Today Did you know that nursing did not start out like how it is today? Yes, that’s correct! There has been numerous changes in the nursing field over the last hundred years. Let’s take a look at the factors that influenced the development of the nursing profession, the roles and responsibilities of nurses, and different career opportunities. These changes are what played a vital role in my desire to become a nurse.
Development of the nursing profession War was a major influence on the development of the nursing profession. The Crimean war, which began in 1854, saw Florence Nightingale responding to the need for nurses to attend to the wounded soldiers. She drew attention to the need for change in nursing. She wrote a paper called “Notes on Nursing,” which showed the value of education in nursing theory and practice. This led to the first nurse training school to be established (Allan, 2013). World War Two also had an influence on the nursing profession. The war generated a need for more nurses which led to a surge of more knowledge and technology. This expanded the role of nurses (Taylor, Lillis, Lynn, & LeMone, 2015). After the war, there began an increase of education designed specifically for nursing which gave rise to development of a specific body of knowledge, acknowledgement of the role of the nurse in promoting health, and the need for research.
Roles and responsibilities The primary role of the nurse is a caregiver. The role of caregiver is a blend of
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