Roles And Responsibilities Of The Registered Nurse

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Registered nurses have many important roles and responsibilities when involved with the care of a patient. The main factors of nursing care do not change, regardless of whether the nurse practices in a small town clinic, a community centre or a large scale hospital. One of the main responsibilities of the registered nurse is to provide high quality, safe and evidence based holistic health care to every one of their patients and to cause no harm. Nurses do this by assessing their patient’s individual needs, their outcome goals and creating the best possible plan of care for those outcomes to be achieved. These assessments, checklists and care plans help ensure all areas of actual and potential problems are attended to and managed. As nurses are one of the main contacts for patients in the hospital setting, they perform most of the episodes of care for their patients. Episodes of care are the interactions, assessments and events that occur while a patient is admitted. These episodes can range from assisted showers, administering medication, setting their patients up for meals and recording regular vital signs. This paper will discuss three of the episodes of care present or missing in the case study “HCCC v Jarrett (2013)”, the factors that contributed to the patient’s outcome and recommendations for how similar future situations could be handled and how unfortunate patient outcomes could be prevented. Episode of Care 1 The first episode of care this paper will discuss from
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