Roles And Responsibility Of Management

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Assignment 1
Roles and Responsibility of management

Task 1
School- St Joseph’s College
Health and Safety Act 1974
Summary of act: The act states all the employees are responsible for the personal safety of everyone in the work place and are legally obliged to report any dangerous hazards for the safety of others.
St Joseph 's College is an all-boys college with roughly around 1800 students and a mixed sixth form; it has several workshops such as the engineering workshop and the DT workshop all equipped with various machinery. In the college, to manage risk of injuries the college gives out particular PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). For example in the engineering workshop, it is required to wear overalls and steel toe boots to work on you products. This ensures that if an accident were to happen, the severity of the injuries would be minimal. Also the PPE prevents accidents to happen because all loose clothing would be contained inside the overall and wouldn’t get caught in the spinning machinery. This abides by the Health and Safety legislation as it is required that the company, in this case, the school, would give the appropriate PPE for the safety of the students, staff and visitors. Giving the appropriate PPE would also protect the company as they are legally in the right and in the long term benefit them as their reputation would grow because of the lack of accidents which would give them a good brand name.
Employment Act 2008
Summary of Act: This act was…
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