Roles And Roles Of An Administrative Officer

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1. Ability to provide administrative support and assistance to the Operational and Clinical Director. I have work experiences with elderly people in my previous job with the ACT FOCUS Disability. I worked with the ACT FOCUS Disability as clients support officer, in which I administered medications for elderly patients and clients. As a client officer, I liaised with colleagues to prioritise elderly clients in term of attending doctor’s appointment as well as driving them to visit family members around Canberra. I have also driven elderly clients to the health club. In my previous role as an administrative officer, I provide conflict resolution. This was where I used my common sense to deal with many situations. When I was an administrative officer in the office of the Minister of multicultural affairs, Joy Burch, I respond to both staff and clients in writing and face to face meeting. In the past four years I was a secretary for the South Sudanese-Australian Community Association In in the ACT. I worked with people of all ages from the Southern Sudanese community, both individually and as a group on a regular basis. These meetings are conducted in English due to the diversity of languages spoken by the South Sudanese communities. In addition, I liaise with non-government organisations such as the ACT Multicultural Youth Service, and the Migrant and Refugee Resettlement Service so that the Southern Sudanese community can access services and obtain information relevant to
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