Roles And Roles Of The Group

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Introduction Working in groups is a great way of gaining new knowledge and demonstrating competence in different environment. It is also a way of taking responsibility for your learning. It is a great privilege working with my group members on the “Future of Houses in 2025” project in a virtual online course, where there is no face-to-face contact. Although working with a set of people you have never met before can be very challenging, however, it depends on the role individual members in the group take on and what their individual goals are. Discussion of Roles The first role I played in the group is a leadership role. As a leader in the group, I demonstrated this role by taking initiative on the group task; it is very important to ensure…show more content…
However, no group member was left out during this planning process. In addition, I set the meeting dates and prepare meeting agenda for these meetings, however, in the meeting agenda, concerns that need to be addressed was included in all meeting agenda. The third role I played, but not the last is the innovator role. It is important as an innovator to suggest new ideas and approaches in order to move the group forward and to prevent the group getting stuck. For example, when group members did not understand the assignment requirements and how to gather information for the project; first, I clarified the part they did not understand and shed some lights into it. I then gave them examples of ways they can approach the assignment, which they found really helpful. The reason why I was able to help out was because I looked at it from a different perspective and ensured to go through the assignment guideline to have a solid understanding of it. While these roles was taken on, I ensured to made every effort I have to involve other group members and make to use their expertise and uniqueness. Assessed Personal Effectiveness To have played the leadership role and other roles during the poster presentation was very beneficial to the group’s positive outcomes. Starting from the day the group came together in order to complete the assigned task. I sent emails out to welcome the group members and asked them to go through the assignment guideline. I observed no one was responding,
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