Roles Of A Copy Editor Analysis

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The role as a copy editor is extremely important to a news outlet. Of course the main goals of a copy editor are to check articles for proper spelling, punctuation, grammar and AP style, but they also need to keep their eyes out for semantics. Semantics are words that are used carelessly that could carry harmful meanings and they are also words that can make a article misleading. A copy editor should be aware of how to spot semantics in any content because if they are overlooked it could make the publication they work for seem bias, which is not what a news outlet wants at all. These words or phases can overall change a whole story and if a copy editor is not aware of the common words or phrases used the consumers could be misinformed. There are many reasons why a finding semantics in an article are important, below are examples that were missed.…show more content…
The author of this article is commenting on the "Black Lives Matter" craze that is relevant all across the world. The article may not be written by a journalist, but the news paper still published it and allowed President Barack Obama to be insulted. The article points out that the "Black Lives Matter" movement is taking steps to being an anarchy and that black youths can do anything illegal like the president does when he makes decisions. I feel these phrases carry harm and the article should have been reconsidered by the news paper in general.…show more content…
This word carries harm and in no way should a news paper call anyone names, this shows the journalist has an opinion, when they don't. This article was in the NY Post clearly saying that Michael Brown is a thug. This is not the only instance he was called this harmful name either and copy editors in many publications should have removed this
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