Roles Of A Registered Nurse

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The roles of a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Practical Nurse, and a Certified Nurse’s Assistant are the same in many ways when it comes to patient care, but there are many differences in the type of care they can provide. I will be discussing these differences throughout my paper as I describe each role and their limitations. The role of an RN includes a lot of things from basic patient care to advanced care such as administering special medication such as chemotherapy medications, blood and blood products. RN are involved in all patient care from admission to discharge and everything in between. The RN is responsible for the admitting assessment, this is important for patient care because it helps prioritize the patient’s needs. Admission is also the time that the nurse can observe for signs of any other types of problems. As an RN nurses can become certified wound care nurses and offer more wound care than any other member of a care staff. The role of an RN and any nurse is to provide information and education about care that the patient is receiving. RN’s are also able to be charge nurses or case managers in any type of setting. The role of a Licensed Practical Nurse is very similar to the RN in the type of care that they provide. The LPN work under direct supervision of an RN and are responsible for reporting to them. LPN’s are involved directly in patient care in a hospital setting. In a hospital setting an LPN must be able to perform basic skills such as starting an
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