Roles Of Advanced Practice Nurses

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Introduction The roles of advanced practice nurses have been an ongoing debate in many states. In a globalized world, advance nurse leaders are regarded as forefront leaders that provide first-rate healthcare to the public. However, the role of new advanced practice nurses is known to be complex. Advance practice nurses use countless different strategies and nursing theories to improve the wellbeing of their patient. To improve the well being of all patients, there is a growing demand for advance practice nurses worldwide. The advanced practice roles of CNM, CNP, CNS, and CRNA require a toolbox of skills, understanding, and integrative abilities that synthesize advanced practice nursing knowledge" (Buppert, 2011). With the rapid development of the advance practice nurse leader, the national organization of Nurse Practitioners are eager to help ensure the competencies of the diverse roles of APN. In this paper, the author will discuss the 9 NONPF core competencies, interview an APN leader, discuss APN leader perspective on core competencies, and summarize the benefits of meeting an APN leader within the APN role. Description of the NONPF NP Core Competencies Competence is defined as the ability to do something well; the quality or state of being competent (Bernadette et al., 2014, p. ). The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner’s Faculty is an organization that focuses on developing guidelines for nurse practitioners (NP) and maintaining program standards nationally.
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