Roles Of Cross Culture Management

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Table of Contents Chapter 1: Literature Review 3 2.1 Introduction 3 2.2 Brand Portfolio 3 2.3 Acquisition of foreign brands and strengthening brand portfolio in China 4 2.4 Role of cross culture management in acquisition 6 Chapter 3: Methodology 8 3.1 Introduction 8 3.2 Research philosophy 9 3.3 Research approach 9 3.4 Research strategy 9 3.5 Sampling and sampling techniques 11 3.6 Data collection techniques 11 3.7 Data analysis 12 3.8 Ethical considerations 12 List of figures Figure 1: A case of more brands less revenue 7 Figure 2: Managing cross culture through approaches to cross cultural trainings. 8 Question: The role of cross culture management in acquisition: What happens when a western firm acquires a Chinese company? 1.1 Introduction This section presents synthesis of literature on how acquisition of foreign brands helps a company to strengthen its brand portfolio in relation to companies that operate its business in China. What Slack et al. (2013) said is true that a firm must develop its internal capabilities in order to achieve competitive advantage. In this case is developing capabilities through cross cultural foreign brands acquisitions. Acquisition is one form of foreign market entry strategy besides other methods like franchising, joint ventures, foreign investments, exports and others (Terpstra and Sarathy, 2001). 1.2 Brand Portfolio It is important to understand that a brand is a key asset for a firm especially when it involves
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