Roles Of Globalization

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Role of Globalization The effects of globalization in society can be seen every day, but because we are so used to them we sometimes forget that they are happening. Changes in globalization can be very small or very big usually depending on where you live in the world. But no matter how small or how large these changes are affecting the way our world works and grows every day. Globalization affects our daily lives in almost an infinite amount of ways, but mainly in three main areas. The areas with the most effect on globalization are political practices, economical aspects, and socio-cultural traits all of which add up to give countries international status based specifically on how we function as an ever-growing human race. The definition of Globalization from our text book “Essentials of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach” written by James Henslin is, “the breaking down of national boundaries because of advances in communications, trade, and travel, but globalization is much broader than just those three things, and can be interpreted in many ways (Henslin 34). Globalization is best seen from a functionalist sociological point of view, because globalization itself plays a certain role in how the world works. By allowing the transfer of knowledge and traits, globalization plays its part in society by diversifying the world.
In regards to our daily social lives, the first major effect globalization has is what stands above and controls all the others. This is the
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