Roles Of Men And Women Essay

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In the late 1800’s the roles of men and women are very different than what we see in today’s culture. Although we maintain a description of men being masculine and women being feminine, in recent years this topic has become either clarified or convoluted depending upon the culture a person was raised in. In the past, traditional gender roles were shaped and defined by the expectations of society. These roles were simple in the fact that men were understood to hold roles that were superior to women. The men, during this time frame in society, were the decision makers, the rule makers, and the ones that offered punishments as well as rewards to those around them. A man’s role in his family was distinctly defined as providing for his family financially, protecting them from harm, leading them in what he would define as the right direction, and he was to ensure that the values were to be passed down to the next generation. A woman 's role, traditionally at this time, was very straight forward, stay at home, clean the house, cook the food, and raise the children. This was the acceptable social roles of men and women at this time, however, in modern times these roles would most likely be viewed as stereotypical. The roles may even be interpreted as restrictive, oppressive to men and women as well as a negative influences on as a negative influence on the next generation. J.M. Barrie’s novella Peter Pan was written in 1904 when gender roles were still defined greatly by a

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