Roles Of Operations Management

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Operation management is how the organization create and deliver services and products. In a simple word operation means is process or activities . every thing see around has produced by doing operation such as chairs ,car. The core function of operation management is three function .There are marketing function , the operation management function and products and services development function . essay I want to explain about the role of the marketing function and the operation management function of an organization and also about actual quality, customers' expectation , customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction .And finally I will explain about the important of coordination between the two business function. The role of marketing in organizations is an important to be overlooked. Large and small organizations are today competing for the same market and the most innovative and proactive have emerged victors. Marketing plays an important role in establishing relationships between customers and the organizations offering to the market. It gives…show more content…
It involves planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling all the resources needed to produce a firm’s goods and services. Because operations management is a management function, it involves managing people, apparatus, technology, information, and all the other resources needed in the production of goods and services . The Transformation Role of Operations Management We say that operations management performs a transformation role in the process of converting inputs such as raw materials into finished goods and services. These inputs include human resources, such as workers, staff, and managers facilities and processes, such as buildings and equipment they also include materials, technology, and information. In the traditional transformation model outputs are the goods and services a company
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