Roles Of Parents And Families

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Every parents love and care for their children to a point where they’ll do anything to protect them no matter how bad a child might be; a parent’s love will always be there. Love isn’t the only thing a child needs to grow up to become someone great in life. Many parents or families today has or played a role, not only in their children’s life but also in the society today but, after the past 25 years, those roles have changed. In this essay, I will be outline some of the many roles of parents and families and how those roles have changed drastically. Some of the roles that parents have are to take care of the needs of their children or the family in a whole, to protect them from harm and danger, teaching and educating them, discipline them, and making sure that they are emotionally stable. One of the key role of being a parent is to be a role model to your kids. Kids watch everything their mom or dad does and sometimes copy what they do. In the days before this generation, parents used to be the teachers to their children. They will teach them how to read, how to cook, how to do other house hold chores and other things a parent should teach a child such as, what to do when they become an adult and have a family of their own. “Teachers spend time preparing children to learn academic skills by creating lesson plans, classwork and homework assignments. Parents try to make sure their children complete homework assignments, turn them in on time and sometimes
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